Project Psalms
Voice: Neil Mason
Tune: London New
Psalm 73:13-20 Lyrics:
13 I verily have done in vain
my heart to purify;
To no effect in innocence
washed my hands have I.

14 For daily, and all day throughout,
great plagues I suffered have;
Yea, ev'ry morning I of new
did chastisement receive.

15 If in this manner foolishly
to speak I would intend,
Thy children's generation,
behold, I should offend.

16 When I this thought to know, it was
too hard a thing for me;
17 Till to God's sanctuary I went,
then I their end did see.

18 Assuredly thou didst them set
a slipp'ry place upon;
Them suddenly thou castedst down
into destruction.

19 How in a moment suddenly
to ruin brought are they!
With fearful terrors utterly
they are consumed away.

20 Ev'n like unto a dream, when one
from sleeping doth arise;
So thou, O Lord, when thou awak'st,
their image shalt despise.