There is so much false teaching around Romans 1 and the "reprobate mind" Some claim that if you commit certain sin listed here that you are NOT able to be saved but does reprobate mean unable to be saved? Let's look at context and other verses that are similar and see what the point of these verses really are. Salvation is offered to everyone regardless of their particular sin, by faith in Jesus so why are some saying that certain ppl are beyond redemption? The context of Romans 1 is not to say that anyone that commits those sins (whispering, gossip, backbiting and disobedience to parents are also listed btw) are unsaveable but than man in his fallen state when in ignorance of idolatry and not in knowledge of the true living God is in need of a his mind is far from the mind of Christ without the spiritual birth. It concludes that a person is not saved bc they are a Jew or under the law bc all have broken God's law so noone can judge another by the standards of the law bc no one has kept them except Jesus. Let us study this bc some ppl have been singled out as unsaveable and that is just another form of limited atonement. I hope this helps edify you. Also if you wish to support or bless this ministry, Our PayPal and Gpay are Thank you and God bless you all.