For Caleb re: Romans 2:6 - "God will render to every man according to his deeds" This verse in particular and all of Romans 2 CANNOT BE UNDERSTOOD UNLESS THE ENTIRE CHAPTER is read in its ENTIRETY. Paul is making a VERY SPECIFIC POINT in this section of the Roman Epistle - the reveal of what THE POINT PAUL IS MAKING IS MADE CLEAR NEAR THE END OF THE VIDEO. Singular verses are often plucked out of their original context of Romans and the meaning of the chapter is missed! Please bear with me, as I review Romans 2 (and some of 1) line by line to see how that point is being made...what is the point Paul is making??? ALL are guilty...every category of person here is still guilty from the overt sin indulging idolator to the moralist who lives by his conscience (and tries to live morally upright) to the Circumcised Jew under the law...they are all LOST AND NEED A SAVIOR! Hopefully, when we get to the conclusion of the chapter, Paul's summary will make the context clear. Hope this edifies and encourages you as we see how Paul gets all of his audience to realize "There is NONE righteous. No not one".

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