Hello Sunday school teachers, preachers, and students! Happy New Year and welcome to SundaySchoolPreacher.com. In this first lesson of the new decade Solomon finally has a place for the Ark. Solomon summons the Ark from Zion to the newly built Temple in Jerusalem. Cherubim and the shekinah glory of God are highlighted in the text as the nation of Israel participates in the dedication of the new Temple. About 40 years earlier King David dreamed of a great Temple for God’s permanent dwelling place. David had the dream, but his son Solomon would fulfill the dream. After worshiping at the non-permanent tabernacle for about 500 years the elders, the heads of the tribes, and the leaders of the ancestral houses lead the procession and dedication of this magnificent new permanent Temple. The tabernacle was the symbol of God’s presence among the Hebrew people, now that symbol would be the Temple. This Temple would become the national sanctuary.
Here's the link to the Bible Project's video on Angels and Cherubim: