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Abiding Mission

Abiding Mission

by Dick Brogden
Abiding Mission presents the discipline of abiding as the first priority of the Christian and the base methodology of mission. Based on an exegesis of John 15, Abiding Mission illustrates the definition of abiding by examining the abiding mission lives of seven key pioneers in mission to Muslims in North Africa, including Daniel Comboni (Catholic), Samuel Zwemer (Presbyterian), Oswald Chambers (YMCA/Pentecostal League), Lillian Trasher (Assemblies of God), Lilias Trotter (Algerian Missions Band), Douglas Thornton (Anglican-CMS), and Temple Gairdner (Anglican-CMS). The work continues by looking at the operationalization of abiding as developed from interviews from current missionaries to Muslims in North Africa. ""Dick Brogden's latest book is an academic perusal of various subjects relating to missionary work grounded in the spiritual discipline of abiding in Christ. It is a penetrating tome that both convicts and spurs one on to seek a deeper intimacy with Christ."" --Phil Parshall, SIM, Sebring, FL ""For those interested in discipling and church planting in the Muslim world, you will not find a better guide that Brogden's Abiding Mission. Based on the exegesis of John 15:1-17, the author shows through case studies of workers in the past as well as the present that the most effective approach comes from blending the strengths of the Evangelical and Pentecostal Movements."" --Don McCurry, President, Ministries to Muslims For the past twenty years, Dick Brogden has lived and worked among Muslims in Mauritania, Kenya, Sudan, and Egypt. He is the founder of two initiatives to provide educational training for business development: Aslan Associates (Sudan) and iLearn (Egypt). Dick holds a PhD from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He is the editor of The Live Dead Journal and Live Dead the Journey and is the author of Loving Muslims and Live Dead Joy.
Paperback, 318 pages

Published July 6th 2016 by Wipf & Stock Publishers

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