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The First Decade (The Decades Book 1)
In 1549 Bullinger published his 'First Decade' of sermons on the Christian Faith which was quickly followed by another four volumes. 'The Decades' or 'Housebook' (as the volumes came to be known in Zurich) was the equivalent of Calvin's 'Institutes' in breadth and depth with one exception, it was noted by contemporary readers for its simplicity and clarity of expression, making it one of the most widely read works of the Reformation.

Published here by itself for the first time is Bullinger's 'First Decade'. The First Decade includes ten sermons: the first three explore the word of God, the next three the nature of faith, the last three the content of faith, and the final sermon the outworking of that faith in love. This new edition, part of the 'Theological Masterworks' series, includes a completely updated text and reformatted footnotes to ensure a smooth and easy reading experience.
Kindle Edition, 168 pages

Published July 6th 2019 by Belmore House

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