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Jacobus Arminius (October 10, 1560 – October 19, 1609), the Latinized name of the Dutch theologian Jakob Harmenszoon from the Protestant Reformation period, (also known by the Anglicized names of Jacob Arminius or James Arminius), served from 1603 as professor in theology at the University of Leiden. He wrote many books and treatises on theology, and his views became the basis of the Dutch Remonstrants.
Following his death, his views came to the forefront for being opposed the five points of Calvinism, though in actuality he objected to only three: unconditional election, limited atonement; and irresistible grace, and doubted one: perseverance of the saints. However, his belief in a point in common with Calvinism, total depravity, was a modified version from the one held by Calvinists.
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