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The Spirit of Religious Controversy (Classic Reprint)
Excerpt from The Spirit of Religious Controversy

It was not, indeed, without a long combat with my apprehensions, that I could be induced to engage in the cause of controversy. I know the general disinclination to controversy. I know, that what we now call liberality, frowns Upon it. I have, besides, many private motives, which argued more powerfully against the un dertaking. It is my ot to move within a small, though respectable, circle of acquaintance, who loudly censure every thing controversial. My Catholic friend condemns whatever is written against the Protestant, as the source of fresh disunion; and my Protestant neighbour, possi bly for the same reason, reprobates whatever is written in defence of the Roman Catholic. Thus, as I love peace, (if I know myself, ) as much as the most peaceful; and should equally with them, be unwilling to disturb it, the fear of public disapprobation, and the dread of private censure, had nearly awed my timidity to silence. However, notwithstanding the impressions which these considerations made upon my mind.
Paperback, 280 pages

Published November 14th 2018 by Forgotten Books

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