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The Spiritual Guide of Miguel Molinos
The Inquisition ordered this book to the Church's "Index Expurgatorius," and Molinos was condemned to life imprisonment for writing about a personal relationship with God through intense devotion, internal reflection and meditation. After all, what would happen to the Church if the people didn't feel they needed it anymore? A table of content was added in front of this edition rather than at the end like the original. Additionally we have prominently displayed the chapter on top of each page to make the text easier to navigate. We have resisted the temptation to "English the text," preferring instead to maintain historical accuracy which the Old English affords scholars. Whether your interest is in Scientific Illuminism, comparative religion, religious history or simple curiosity, we know that our edition of this important work will make a lasting impression upon you.
Paperback, 214 pages

Published September 24th 2012 by (first published 1685)

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