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C.H. Makintosh

C.H. Makintosh

C.H. Makintosh (1820 - 1896)

Was a nineteenth-century Christian preacher, dispensationalist, writer of Bible commentaries, magazine editor and member of the Plymouth Brethren. Charles Andrew Coates wrote, "I was one of the last persons to hear C.H.M. pray. It was most touching to hear the aged and feeble Levite pouring out his heart to God, first for the whole assembly, and then for the little companies gathered everywhere to the Lord's Name. The Lord's interests were the great burden of his heart."

Soon after this he established a periodical named Things New and Old, which he continued to edit (with evangelist Charles Stanley, 1821–1890) from 1858 to 1890, and Good News for the Little Ones, later called Good News for Young and Old and some pages for the Little Ones from 1859 to 1876. Mackintosh took a great interest in, and actively participated in, the great Irish Evangelical revival of 1859 and 1860

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