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Dwight Pentecost

      J. Dwight Pentecost is a Christian theologian best known for his book Things to Come. He currently is Distinguished Professor of Bible Exposition, Emeritus, at Dallas Theological Seminary, one of only two so honored. He holds a B.A. from Hampden-Sydney College and Th.M. and Th.D. degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary. During his academic career he has taught biblical subjects for nearly half a century (Philadelphia College of Bible, 1948-55; Dallas Theological Seminary, 1955-present). His nearly twenty books are written mostly for the general Christian reader.

      Pentecost is possibly best known for his published writings, which are predominantly focused on issues of Christian living and the eschatological scriptures. Pentecost takes a Premillennial and Pretribulational view of the unfulfilled prophetic passages of the apocalyptic biblical literature. He takes a Dispensationalist position, however his Things to Come (1958) is characterized by a comprehensive review of almost every view on the biblical prophetic subject matter that has any form of prominence.

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When one submits himself to the Lord to do His will, God begins to unfold step by step that which is His will for His child. Get this cardinal fact in mind: God can speak loud enough to make a willing soul hear, but God cannot speak loud enough to reveal His will to an unwilling soul. Willingness to do God's will is a prerequisite to knowing that will.
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God has endowed us with a capacity to love, of necessity there must be within that capacity the ability to manifest anger. If there were no possibility of showing anger there would be no possibility of manifesting love because anger is the response to wounded love. Anger is the rightful response to some wrong or injustice; and if there were no standards of right and of justice, there could be no anger. But because the Bible sets forth standards of right and justice, there will be anger when one beholds violated rights or injustices.
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God's answer to today's persecution of the conservative, evangelical church is not disassociation and distance, but unity, communion, and an ever-growing witness to unbelievers. Rather than trying to figure out how to make the church more like the world so the world will go to church, we should be trying to figure out how to make the church more like Christ so the church will go to the world.
God is a Spirit, the human soul is a spirit. The essential attributes of a spirit are reason, conscience, and will. A spirit is a rational, moral, and therefore also, a free agent. In making man after his own image, therefore, God endowed him with those attributes which belong to his own nature as a spirit. Man is thereby distinguished from all other inhabitants of this world, and raised immeasurably above them. He belongs to the same order of being as God Himself, and is therefore capable of communion with his Maker…. It is also the necessary condition of our capacity to know God, and therefore the foundation of our religious nature. If we were not like God, we could not know Him. We should be as the beasts which perish.14
If man is the product of an evolutionary process, then man is not morally accountable to God; if, however, God directly created man, then man is accountable to God and was also created that he might walk in holiness for fellowship with God.
(1) “Yahweh’s initial design for his people is deliverance;” (2) “Yahweh’s design is to form a godly community;” (3) “Yahweh’s intention is that there be an on-going relationship with his people;” (4) “Yahweh’s intention for his people is that they enjoy the good life.”22

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