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Erwin Lutzer

Erwin Lutzer

Erwin W. Lutzer (born October 3, 1941) is an evangelical Christian pastor, teacher and author. He is currently the senior pastor of Moody Church, in Chicago, Illinois. The church and its ministries have grown significantly under his leadership, leading to the construction of a new Christian Life Center to complement the existing 75-year-old building.

Dr. Lutzer is the speaker on three radio broadcasts: "Songs in the Night," "Running to Win" and "The Moody Church Hour." These broadcasts are heard on radio stations across the United States and across the world through the Internet. Sunday morning services at the church are streamed live, worldwide, through the church's website. Lutzer speaks internationally at churches, conferences and retreats.

Dr. Lutzer has authored more than 30 books

      Erwin W. Lutzer is an evangelical Christian pastor, teacher and author. He is currently the senior pastor of Moody Church, in Chicago, Illinois.

      Erwin Lutzer was born in a town near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, the last child of Gustav and Wanda Lutzer's five children. He graduated from Winnipeg Bible College (B.Th.) and then attended Dallas Theological Seminary, in Dallas, Texas. In 1967, he graduated from Dallas (M.Th.) with honors and as president of the student body.

      Dr. Lutzer has authored more than 30 books, including Hitler's Cross, which won a Gold Medallion award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

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Satan exploits pain by making it the central focus of the man’s (or woman’s) thoughts and attitudes.
topics: self-pity  
The work that God does in us when we wait is usually more important than the thing for which we wait!
topics: patience  
There’s no such thing as a bitter person who keeps the bitterness to himself.
topics: bitterness  
Thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in our pain is the indisputable proof that we believe God is a part of our pain.
topics: gratitude  
If there is one single reason why good people turn evil, it is because they fail to recognize God’s ownership over their kingdom, their vocation, their resources, their abilities, and above all their lives.
Keep in mind that when sin is viewed superficially, it is dealt with superficially.
God in His sovereign goodness often uses the painful and at times debilitating injury of a spear thrower to make us readier for His service. ... One thing you discover about spear throwers is that though it’s not necessary for them to be good, it’s essential for them to appear good.
Prayer, desperate prayer, seems so simple, but it’s a step rarely taken by those in family conflict.
As children bring their broken toys, With tears for us to mend, I brought my broken dreams to God Because He was my friend. But then instead of leaving Him In peace to work alone, I hung around and tried to help With ways that were my own. At last I snatched them back and cried, “How can you be so slow?” “My child,” He said, “What could I do? You never did let go.
We have to emphasize to the gay community that opposition to same-sex marriages is not about hate, but about debate. Opposition to what some of us see as a devastating move that will further weaken the family and harm children--such opposition is not hateful. Morality is not bigotry. In their book The Homosexual Agenda, authors Alan Sears and Craig Osten give this illustration, which I've summarized: Imagine that you are standing at the bottom of a cliff and you are watching as someone on the ledge above you is walking backwards, and in a few steps he will surely fall over the precipice. You shout, warning him to stop, and before you know it, a crowd gathers around you, snapping your picture and accusing you of "hate speech." You are being warned to keep your prejudices to yourself. After all, who are you to tell someone where they can and can't walk? Who are you to say that someone can't walk backwards? You are dumbfounded, but there you are, the object of everyone's wrath.
If our spiritually dead ones are to be raised, we must first get power with God. The reason we so often fail in moving our fellowmen is that we try to win them without first getting power with God. Jesus was in communion with His Father, and so He could be assured that His prayers were heard. We
Every time we love, we increase our capacity to be hurt.
My experience is that those who pray most in their closets generally make short prayers in public.
to speak of unity and to minimize doctrinal differences is to sacrifice truth on the altar of wishful thinking.
If we read the Word and do not pray, we may become puffed up with knowledge, without the love that buildeth up. If we pray without reading the Word, we shall be ignorant of the mind and will of God, and become mystical and fanatical, and liable to be blown about by every wind of doctrine.
Here we are, getting blessings from God day after day; yet how little praise and thanksgiving there is in the Church
seek by prayer “to move the Arm that moves the world.” D. L. MOODY
Satan’s most successful weapon is fear.
So when we get really into communion with God, He lifts up His countenance upon us; and instead of our having gloomy looks, our faces will shine, because God has heard and answered our prayers. Jesus,
God created us with emotions so that we might be able to enjoy Him and His creation. Often we have been tempted to consider our feelings as a bother, a hindrance to living a life of faith. Although it is true that as fallen creatures our emotions often lead us astray, we must remember that God gave us emotions so that we might live a well-balanced and wholesome life. After all, God Himself is an emotional Being who expresses, anger, pleasure, and compassion.

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