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feelings and personal preferences are not what determine truth. You don’t create your own reality, nor do you create your own truth. You don’t make reality go away if it is inconvenient. You must face it because truth is tied to reality, and reality is independent of you. Therefore, truth is independent of you.
Mankind is the creation of God. You are made in his image—not a physical image, since God is not a physical being. You are made in his spiritual image in that you can be rational, think, love, hate, make choices, and such. This is why all people should be shown respect…because they reflect God’s image.
The standard of what is good is not found in humanity. It is found in God because God is absolute and unchanging. He is the standard by which good and bad are judged. Anything that deviates from him is not good. It would follow then that the average person’s sense of right and wrong is skewed because it is based on his own preferences or the particular moral direction that society happens to have at the time.
Different events teach us different truths and truth equips us for service.

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