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Matthew Mead

Matthew Mead

Matthew Mead or Meade was an English Independent minister.

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Some know, but to know. Some know, to be known. Some know, to practise what they know. Now, to know, but to know—that is curiosity. To know, to be known—that is vain glory. But to know, to practise what we know—that is gospel duty.
Confession is a swimming against the stream. Now many may swim with the stream, like the dead fish, that cannot swim against the stream, with the living fish. Many may profess Christ, that cannot confess Christ; and so, notwithstanding their profession, yet are but almost Christians.
Most men are good Christians in the verdict of their own opinion; but you know the law alloweth no man to be a witness in his own case, because their affection usually overreacheth conscience, and self-love deceiveth truth for its own interest.
The efficacy of the word doth not depend upon the authority of him that speaks it, but upon the authority of God that blesses it.

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