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Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon ( - Present)

Carter Conlon is the Senior Pastor of Times Square Church. David Wilkerson is the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church. God called Brother Carter to full-time ministry in Canada by faith and He has been serving the Lord with the same faith till this day.

God has used brother Carter Conlon to preach across the world at pastors conferences and evangelism crusades. He has also recently written 2 books with the newest title: "Fear Not" in which he is strengthening the body of Christ for what is coming upon the world in the end-times.

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Every Christian in this generation MUST become a preacher, and every preacher MUST speak for CHRIST.
Wrong reasoning leads to a wrong conclusion, which eventually results in a wrong action. People who embrace wrong reasoning ultimately end up building another pathway for themselves and forming some other image of God.

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