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Going after false idols – Attempts at Honesty
When we look to anything other than God for our existence and blessing then we are following in the steps of the Nation of Israel, going after false idols.
Mark H. McIntyre,
The Real Root of Our Problems
Everybody is talking but nobody is asking the one question that really needs to be answered: What the heck is really going on here, and why is our society devolving at such a rapid pace?
Lisa Price,
How is Addiction like Idolatry?
If addiction were an issue only non-Christians struggled with then there would be little point in me (or any other Christian) addressing the problem. What non-Christians do and don’t do should not …
Lisa Price,
4 Questions To Help Identify (Your) Idols - Joyfully Pressing On
We can be blind to our idols. These questions can help you spot them.
Abigail Wallace,
Don’t Settle for Change That’s Only Skin-Deep
Whether you’ve written your goals or not, you probably have habits, sin patterns, or weaknesses that you’d like to change in 2023. Just be careful that your change isn’t only skin deep.
Jason Davis,

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