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Jesus Dancing – A Shared Vision | Glory Waves
We often speak of God “giving us a vision,” and we mean that He supernaturally provides us with a picture of heaven or glimpse into the spiritual realm. Certainly, He can and does do this. However, I wonder if this is His ideal and original intention. That is, does Father always want us to just wait around for Him to sovereignly “open our eyes” to the sacred dimension, or does He appreciate it when we take the initiative to open our spiritual eyes and proactively look into His supernatural world?
Charity Virkler Kayembe,
The identity of the beasts with seven heads of the Book of Revelation
Revelation has three beasts with seven heads and ten horns. They are not LITERAL beasts but must symbolize different but RELATED things.
Andries Jacobus van Niekerk,

Group of Brands