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Who Owns the Children? - Damon J. Gray
There is an understandable uproar on the political right the last few days over this question of the state owning our children. The furor has been fueled by MSNBC’s assertion in an ad featuring Tulane professor Melissa Harris-Perry that we need to get beyond this “private notion of children,” because our children belong to the…
Damon J. Gray,
Friday’s Featured Sermon: “Social Justice and the Gospel, Part 1”
This post was first published November 30, 2018. –ed. No onewantsto be a victim. There’s no queue of people eagerly waiting to be ripped off, smacked around, mistreated, and abused. No one in his right mind wants to inflict those experiences on himself. However, many today are desperate for any excuse to lay claim to
John MacArthur,
Broken but Valuable
Blog by Greg Laurie – “Broken but Valuable” – Sometimes we forget that we need to care about every soul, just as God does.
Greg Laurie,
The Condemnation in God’s Love
This series was first published in June, 2016. –ed. God’s love is a great comfort. But perhaps it’s not supposed to be as comforting as some people make it. As we saidlast time, God’s love is not a theological blanket that smothers everything else the Bible says about how He relates to us. That myopic,
John MacArthur,
The thief on the cross who did not do any work?
Faith without works can save? On the quest to find Bible support for the idea that we can be saved without works, it is not uncommon to make a comparison with the thief on the cross. The saying goe…
Annika Björk,
The Only Means of Atonement
Our Creator is full of compassion for broken sinners. But that reality doesn’t negate or override His perfect justice. Throughout this series on divine compassion we’ve considered the compelling biblical truths of God’s mercy and forgiveness—especially how Christ revealed those divine attributes in His parable of the prodigal son. But to consider His compassion without
John MacArthur,
Does God give us GRACE and mercy upon certain conditions?
God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble The Bible says that God does not want anyone to perish (2 Pet. 3:9), that Jesus has given light to all men (John 1:9) and that we have no excuse …
Annika Björk,
“For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law”, Rom 2:12
People can perform righteousness without having heard about the Bible content The common question about the inhabitants in the jungle “What about those who live in the jungle and who have nev…
Annika Björk,
The NT Bible authors claim that SIN continues to risk spiritual DEATH
The Bible authors about our capacity to avoid sinning Most christians understand that sin does not please God and that born again christians should avoid it. Still, the same christians might also s…
Annika Björk,
ADAM and EVE sinned in Eden – and caused physical death on their posterity
When Adam sinned, he caused physical death on all his posterity Both Adam and Eve transgressed God’s law, but their sins were still a bit different from each other. Eve was deceived by the s…
Annika Björk,

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