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When Women Cry Out, Things Change
Imagine today how God may respond if we united our hearts and hands with our sisters to cry out to God in fervent prayer?
Revive Our Hearts,
All Who Are Thirsty - Thirst No More - Damon J. Gray
© 2020 MRJN Photography. All Rights Reserved. Unsplash.Used by permission. There are deceivers, and there are the deceived. I really don’t want to be either of those. I know myself well enough to recognize that I am not immune to being taken in. I want so much to believe the best about people, and part…
Damon J. Gray,
When You Feel Dead on the Inside
When my wife and I moved into our current home, we planted several trees. Three years later, they are looking really good—except for one. Six of the trees are starting to look full (and not like th…
Lynn H. Pryor,
Answers to prayers: How to get them - Christian Personal Development
Do you desire answers to prayers? Well, everybody wants that anyway. It’s good when you go on your knees to request if God and to have all that you request in prayer. But although God answers prayers, His Word is filled with conditions that must be met. I am using this post to show you […]
Sesan Oguntade,
Planted or Parched: The Drought of Our Souls - Lori Altebaumer
Mountain streams restore my soul. When I spend time in quiet reflection beside one of these streams, I lose myself in the soft murmur and sparkling clarity of the pure water. This is the water I envision when I read Jeremiah’s words about a tree planted by water, not fearing the heat. It’s leaves continually green and bearing fruit even in times of drought.
Lori Altebaumer,
Hope When Mother's Day Hurts - Serenity in Suffering
Finding hope when Mother’s Day hurts is hard, especially when the ideal celebrated all around you, portrays a story different from your own.
Donna Bucher,
Where did baptism come from? (Matthew 3:6)
Christian baptism has its origins in John’s baptism, but why did John baptize?
Allen Browne,

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