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How Job's relationship with God inspires resilience
It is easy to feel discouraged and give up hope when things don’t seem to go your way. However, there is a character in the Bible who can teach us something or two about resilience, even in the face of extreme adversity. His name is Job, and his story is an inspiring example of how
Via Valenzuela,
Why Do The Wicked Prosper?
Job asked an interesting question, one worth pondering over. First, let’s agree that not all wicked people prosper and not all prosperous people are wicked. N
Robin McKinley,
Donkey milk? Yes, donkey milk.
By Elizabeth Prata EPrata photo There are a lot of animals, plants, and activities in the Bible that I have little knowledge about. It was fun learning the process for creating purple dye from mure…
Elizabeth Prata,
Job: “What Is Going On?”
Is God good? When faced with pain and suffering, many people doubt the goodness of God. The Book of Job The book of Job deals with the problem of the suffering of a righteous man. However, the book…
Claude F. Mariottini,

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