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Att Fadern är större än Jesus och UPPHÖJER honom motsäger inte TREENIGHETEN
Jesus har enligt Bibeln alltid haft en tillvaro med Gud Fader (ofta kort kallad GUD), och Jesus fanns före ALLTING (utan undantag). Att Fadern åtminstone under en viss tid var större än Jesus, är o…
Annika Björk,
Jesus free will “subordination” to the Father doesn’t contradict the TRINITY
Jesus lived in another shape long before his start as a human being in Mary’s womb We know that Jesus Christ didn’t start to exist only some 2000 years ago when he by his own free will …
Annika Björk,
Empower yourself with Bible verses about salvation
Reading Bible verses about salvation clarifies our purpose in life.Nestled at the edge of the Sea of Galilee, a tranquil shoreline stretched before Jesus. The waters shimmered under the warm sun, mirroring the vibrant hues of the surrounding hills. Against this breathtaking backdrop, Jesus strode purposefully.His gaze fixed on the...
Joseph Antonio Liao,
The TRINITY – Jesus in the Godhead, who shared the glory with the Father
The Bible teaches that Jesus is God These are just some of the evidence for that Jesus is God who once came in the form of flesh to live as man here on earth. Between Genesis and Revelations there …
Annika Björk,

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