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Gettysburg: A Woman’s Perspective
A picture is worth a thousand words. And yet… You can read a plethora of books on Gettysburg, look at pictures, or even watch the movie, but the reality is–it can never replace the expe…
Why I (Finally) Got the Jab - Emmanuel Baptist Church
This article is different from most others I’ve written here. Rather than explain or unpack passages of Scripture, this time I’m simply sharing my personal perspectives and experiences with my church family. I’m speaking for myself here, not my fellow elders or my church as a whole. Please keep that in mind as you read.
Chris Hutchison,
Importance of Having a Religious Circle of Friends - House of Mercy Christian Assembly UK
It’s basic human psychology to adopt the ways of those whom they surround themselves with. Learn how having religious friends is beneficial for you.
How Many Friends Can You Handle—Really?
If you needed a friend in the middle of the night, who would you call? If you’re on Facebook, how many friends do you have? The average Facebook user has 338 friends. If you’re on Twit…
Serving the Undeserving
Service. Serving. More than putting food on a plate and bringing it to the table. More than doing our “duty” and fulfilling the job or role assigned to us. Even more than giving our tim…
Prepping: what should a Christian do?
“Prepare.” We hear that word constantly these days. The Department of Homeland Security regularly promotes the wisdom of individual and community preparedness before disasters hit. The …
Elizabeth Prata,
The Primacy of Love, by Heidi Baker
The Primacy of Love by Heidi Baker Renewal Journal 13: Ministry – PDF Share good news – Share this page freely Copy and share this link on your media, eg Facebook, Instagram, Emails: The Pr…
Geoff Waugh,
What Makes a Good Friend? 6 Inspiring Qualities
Good friends can be hard to come by. But when we understand the 6 qualities of what makes a good friend we can become a better friend and draw others to us.
Mary Armand,
We Thrive with Jesus
Aspen trees are possibly my favorite trees because of their picturesque trunks and delicate leaves. In most of Northern America we c...
Stephen De La Vega,
Paul's Passion To Preach The Gospel - Pursuing Intimacy With God
Paul's passion to preach the Gospel and reach lost people was a great example for all followers of Jesus. Filled with Jesus' love & passion for lost people.
Kevin Bart,

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