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Jesus and New Jerusalem: “Out of Heaven”
The Lord Jesus told us multiple times that He came down out of heaven: John 3:13, “No one has ascended into heaven, but He who descended out of heaven, the Son of Man…” John 6:38,…
Don Martin,
Light, Water, Food—Both Today and New Jerusalem
In New Jerusalem there is God in the Lamb as light (Rev. 21:23-24), the river of life flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb (22:1), and the tree of life growing and bearing fruit (22:2). In o…
Don Martin,
Att förneka att Jesus KOMMIT I KÖTTET (blivit människa) är av antikrists ande
Om vi vägrar att tror att Jesus är JAGÄR så dör vi i våra synder Det är helt livsavgörande att vi accepterar att Jesus är den han säger att han är så detta ämne är väl värt att studera. Din själ ka…
Annika Björk,
I Am The Bread of Life (Advent Devotional)
In the Bible, bread symbolizes life. Jesus used this metaphor to emphasize that He is the source of true life. Just as the ancient Israelites needed manna to survive, the people of Jesus' time needed spiritual nourishment from Him. He emphasized that thei
Chrys Jones,
Jesus som GUD och ORDET /logos i Joh. 1:1 – Jehovas Vittnen har fel
“I begynnelsen var Ordet (ὁ Λόγος), och Ordet var hos Gud, och Ordet var GUD! (Joh. 1:1) Jehovas Vittnen gör fel som begränsar översättningen till “en gud” för att den bestämda ar…
Annika Björk,
When God Says “I AM”
I AM and Moses God called Moses to act as his messenger to the Pharaoh of Egypt, the nation that had long oppressed and enslaved the Hebrew people. Moses was to be God’s representative to Pharaoh, demanding that Pharaoh let the people of God go free. Amid Moses’ flurry of pathetic excuses for not serving as God’s…
Damon J. Gray,
You Can Claim to Follow Jesus, But Miss the Point of Who He Is - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
If we get it wrong about Jesus, it won’t matter that we got a lot of other things right.
Randy Alcorn,
Jon Bloom on You Become What You Eat - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
When our body needs energy, we eat food. But when our soul needs hope, what do we feed it? Promises.
Randy Alcorn,
Eat This Kind of Bread . . . and Live
God gave Israel the bread of heaven, but He’s given us the bread of life.
Jason Davis,
Jesus is the I AM
By Elizabeth Prata I’m so glad I have a Savior who is eternal. Because He is eternal, He is independent, self-sustaining, and forever self-sufficient. He is outside of time and matter, theref…
Elizabeth Prata,

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