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“A Radical Relational Reordering” - Emmanuel Baptist Church
These words from John Piper sum up well the truths we’ve been exploring in these past three weeks: Take heed here lest you minimize what I am saying and do not hear how radical it really is. I am not sentimentalizing singleness to make the unmarried feel better. I am declaring the temporary and secondary
Chris Hutchison,
Do You Feel Awkward When Someone Compliments You about Your Child?
Maybe I’m the only one, but I feel awkward when someone compliments me about my child.
Kathy Collard Miller,
The Seven Last Sayings of Christ: A Provision for His Mother
This post was first published in March, 2015. —ed. In the midst of His greatest anguish, Christ’s attention was not on Himself and His needs. Even as He hung on the cross, beaten and bleeding to death, His focus was on all that His Father was accomplishing—we see that illustrated in each of His seven
John MacArthur,
Let’s Show Women They Are a Vital Part of Christ’s Body, Not Just Tell Them to “Go Home” - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
I listened to the full clip twice, start to finish, and to be honest, it made me very sad.
Randy Alcorn,

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