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Cultivating a Loving Environment for Your Husband
This may be the most important way you can ever serve your man . . .
Jason Davis,
29 Lessons Before Turning 30 – Luluspov
I’m a firm believer that everything I go through, Every milestone I achieve has lessons for me to learn from.
Tongue Therapy? Yeah, It’s a Real Thing
If your hobby is jumping on the latest fads in health, then get ready to sign up for tongue therapy. Forget expensive cosmetic surgery! You can improve your looks with the right therapy … of …
Thoughtful Thursday: Guarding our way - Denise Pass
Proverbs 21:16, 23 – The one who wanders from the way of wisdom will end up in the company of the departed. 23 The one who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps his life from troubles. Proverbs 22:3,5 – A shrewd person sees danger and hides himself, but the naive keep right on going […]
The Lost Art of Conversation
I always find it curious... the paths the Lord leads me down on any given day... And so it was this past week while catching up on ...
Karen Del Tatto,
What are Healthy Boundaries and 8 Ways to Develop Them
Learning how to develop healthy boundaries helps us feel valued and loved. A life with no boundaries can lead to unhealthy relationships and feelings of not being understood and valued.
Mary Armand,
Improving our public speech
By Elizabeth Prata Our church had its first get-together, family supper last Sunday since the Covid era began. A congregant with a huge private yard and a lighted, open pole barn invited us for a p…
Elizabeth Prata,
Editorial: Be vigilant about your comment section
Either through AOL chat, online newspapers, bulletin boards, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter I’ve been running online comment sections since 1999. I’ve had a lot of experience seeing how pe…
Elizabeth Prata,
Day 54: Wasted Words (Bible Tribe Job 15–16) - Denise Pass
Words fly off the tongue faster than we can hold them back sometimes. We will be accountable for each one humbles me to want to speak wisely.
Denise Pass,
Sin from the tongue stains our witness and corrupts our ambassadorship
By Elizabeth Prata Yesterday I was shocked to read a certain tweet from Beth Moore. She had obviously had some kind of interaction on Twitter with a man who was saying some things about her husband…
Elizabeth Prata,

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