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The Enslavement and the Genocide of the Uighur People in China - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
In addition to imprisoning people, the Chinese government has worked to drastically reduce Uighur birth rates through forced birth control and abortions.
Randy Alcorn,
The Federal Healthcare Reform Bill and Its Impact on the Lives of Unborn Children and Their Moms - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
Eternal Perspective Ministries is a Bible-believing, Christ-centered nonprofit organization founded by author Randy Alcorn.
Randy Alcorn,
BW#26 - Political Involvement and the Christian - Denise Pass
Denise and Micah discuss how political correctness is impacting the religious freedoms that our predecessors fought for and we cherish and enjoy. When we uphold the foundation of our nation, there is great hope that we will not lose it.
Denise Pass,
Perspectives After Attending the #DefundPP Rally - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
On Saturday, February 11, thousands of prolifers gathered nationwide for Defund Planned Parenthood rallies. Altogether, 228 rallies were held in 45 states. The purpose was to publicly call on Congress and the President to stop all federal funding of Planned Parenthood and instead, make those funds available to health centers...
Randy Alcorn,
Isn’t Abortion a Private Issue Between a Woman and God? - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
In our culture, it’s common to hear some variation of, “Abortion is no one else’s business. That’s a decision between a woman and her doctor.” Others might say, “Abortion is an issue between a woman and God.” I give a response in this 2-minute audio clip.
Randy Alcorn,
Being Clear What We Do and Don't Mean by the Term Gender Equality - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries
When we talk about a term like “gender equality,” let’s be sure we are clear what we are and are not opposing.
Randy Alcorn,

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