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When greed motivates people to become ministers.
Hey beautiful people I hope that this post meets you and your family members well? Today’s write up has been inspired by the Bible passage Acts 28:30. As Christian’s we should never lose focus on w…
Mary-Ann Oyejobi,
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If I’m God’s money manager, I’m not God. Money isn’t God. God is God. So God, money, and I are each put in our rightful place.
Randy Alcorn,
30 best Bible verses about greed to make you humble
Bible verses about greed warn against the love of money, emphasizing contentment, trust in God, and the pursuit of righteousness instead. Image: Alexander Grey | UnsplashReligious and philosophical texts have often addressed the issue of greed, defined as an excessive craving for material gain. The Bible, held in high regard...
Kathleen Orenza,

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