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Var Abraham rättfärdig av tro, eller av GÄRNINGAR som Jakobsbrevet säger? Jak. 2:21
Abraham – rättfärdig av TRO eller GÄRNINGAR, eller TRO OCH GÄRNINGAR? Paulus i Romarbrevet verkar säga att Abraham var rättfärdig genom TRO och inte av gärningar, medan Jakob i Jakobsbrevet v…
Annika Björk,
Paul’s diatribe: Not what you think!
By Elizabeth Prata God raised up a great mind. Albert Barnes said in his book Early Training of the Apostle Paul: “It is, in a great measure, by raising up and endowing great minds that God secures…
Elizabeth Prata,
Sin’s Corruption of Our Character
The problem of sin isn’t fundamentally external. It’s most visible in our actions, but our actions are merely the manifestation of a corruption that comes from within. If we were using a medical metaphor, we might sayRomans 3:10–12includes a full examination of the sinner, beginning with a kind of spiritual MRI scan. This passage reveals
John MacArthur,

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