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Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary - Genesis 6:22

Noah's care and diligence in building the ark may be considered, 1. As an effect of his faith in the word of God. God had told him he would shortly drown the world; he believed it, feared the threatened deluge, and, in that fear, prepared the ark. Note, We ought to mix faith with the revelation God has made of his wrath against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men; the threatenings of the word are not false alarms. Much might have been objected against the credibility of this warning... read more

John Gill

John Gills Exposition of the Bible Commentary - Genesis 6:22

Thus did Noah ,.... Or "and" or "therefore Noah made" F15 ויעש "et fecit", Pagninus, Montanus; "fecit itaque", Schmidt. the ark; and "all things", as the Septuagint and Vulgate Latin versions: according to all that God commanded him, so did he ; he made the ark according to the pattern God gave him, he gathered together food for himself and family, and for all the creatures, and laid it up in the ark as God directed him; and when the time was come, he and they not only entered... read more

Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible - Genesis 6:22

Thus did Noah - He prepared the ark; and during one hundred and twenty years preached righteousness to that sinful generation, 2 Peter 2:5 . And this we are informed, 1 Peter 3:18 , 1 Peter 3:19 , etc., he did by the Spirit of Christ; for it was only through him that the doctrine of repentance could ever be successfully preached. The people in Noah's time are represented as shut up in prison - arrested and condemned by God's justice, but graciously allowed the space of one hundred and... read more

John Calvin

John Calvin's Commentary on the Bible - Genesis 6:22

Verse 22 22.Thus did Noah. In a few words, but with great sublimity, Moses here commends the faith of Noah. The unskilful wonder that the apostle (Hebrews 11:7) makes him “heir of the righteousness which is by faith.” As if, truly, all the virtues, and whatsoever else was worthy of praise in this holy man, had not sprung from this fountain. For we ought to consider the assaults of temptation to which his breast was continually exposed. First, the prodigious size of the ark might have... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Genesis 6:9-22

The building of the ark. I. THE MAN AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES . A common saying, and one possessed of a show of wisdom, that a person seldom rises far above the average goodness, or sinks far below the average wickedness, of the age in which he lives. Yet it is precisely in proportion as individuals either excel or fall beneath their generation that they are able to affect it for good or evil. All epoch-making men are of this stamp. Noah, it is obvious, was not a man whose character... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Genesis 6:9-22

Righteousness and peace. The description of Noah is very similar to that of Enoch, just and perfect in his generation, that is, blameless in his walk before men, which is saying much of one who lived in a time of universal corruption. And he walked with God, i.e. devout and religious, and, from the analogy of the preceding use of the words, we may say, a prophet. He preached righteousness both with lip and life. To this good and great prophet the announcement is made of the coming... read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Genesis 6:22

Thus did Noah; according to all that God (Elohim; in Genesis 7:5 it is Jehovah) commanded (with respect to the building of the ark, the receiving of the animals, the collecting of provisions) him, so did he. HOMILETICS read more

Spence, H. D. M., etc.

The Pulpit Commentary - Genesis 6:22

The obedience of Noah. I. Pious in its PRINCIPLE . II. PROMPT in its OPERATION . III. LABORIOUS in its EXERCISE . IV. UNIVERSAL in its EXTENT . V. PERSEVERING in its COURSE . VI. SUCCESSFUL in its END . read more

Albert Barnes

Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible - Genesis 6:9-22

- Section VI - The Deluge- XXIII. The Ark9. דור dôr “age, time from birth to death,” applied either to an individual or the whole contemporary race, running parallel with some leading individual. Hence, the “race” or “generation” living during that time.14. תבה tēbâh “chest, ark.” It is used only of this vessel of Noah’s construction, and of the little vessel in which Moses was put Exodus 2:3, Exodus 2:5. The root, according to Furst, means “to be hollow.” אבה 'ēbeh a cognate word,... read more

Joseph Benson

Joseph Benson's Commentary of the Old and New Testaments - Genesis 6:22

Genesis 6:22. Thus did Noah according to all that God commanded him And that both as to the matter and manner of it. And when we consider how laborious, tedious, and dangerous a work the building of the ark was, and what ridicule he would have to encounter from the ungodly and profane, while engaged in a business apparently foolish, and that for so many scores of years together, we shall not wonder that the faith whereby he surmounted all these difficulties should be so celebrated in the... read more

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