The farmer could not make a greater mistake, than to suppose he would gain by not scattering his seed in the field. To keep the seed is to deprive it of its value; to cut oneself off from the blessing that might have been expected ; and to inflict the greatest wound upon the future. No, scatter it; throw it away and let it go to naught, apparently, and be long lost, if need be, and forgotten; in its appointed time it will come up loaded with treasures which it has gathered from the secret places of the earth. Then will it appear that your wealth is proportioned to your liberality.

There is to be a judgment according to works. By faith in Christ we succeed to heaven; but our works, evincing the measure of our faith, will determine the place we are to occupy in heaven, the degree of glory with which we are to be invested,

But what is meant by sowing? Using the gifts of God according to the will of God, and consequently in a way that will produce the greatest amount of good to our fellow-men. Much wisdom is needed in order to give aright; but we are responsible to have this wisdom. The man who receives gifts from God, receives an appointment from God; namely, that of donor; and the wisdom to discharge the functions connected with this appointment will surely not be withheld, if it be ingenuously asked. We are to look upon the world as God looks upon it, and then we shall know how to minister to our fellow men.

You are a believer, are you not? You are expecting heaven through the grace of Christ which you appropriate by faith. But do not suppose, friend, that the faith by which you shall be saved is one faith, and the faith that leads to generous acts is another faith. When I see you scattering seed, I look at the very faith which is to bring about your salvation. Your daily, hourly movements, call men to look upon that precious principle which is to open for you, if they be opened for you, the gates of heaven. You are to live by faith; to live now by it, if you would live hereafter by it.