To them which are in Christ Jesus. Think it not a strange expression. It is well chosen. Faith in Christ, union to Christ, and similar expressions, mean much more than can easily be comprehended. The expression "them which are in Christ" is added, that we may not too soon think we understand the others. In Christ, as Noah was in the ark. Without, the besom of condemnation swept the universal face of things; but there was no condemnation to him who had fled for refuge to that sanctuary. In the ark with Noah was all that had life, and all that could nourish life. Abundance of blessing within, desolation without. How terrible a venture would it have been to go forth of that ark. There is now no deluge to them that are in the ark; no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.

Estimate then these words: - Condemnation. - In Christ. - No condemnation.

Think not that " no condemnation" is a merely negative thing. The revoking of a sentence of condemnation, even in the case of an earthly prisoner, gives him to enjoy the blessings that descend in such profusion in the beams of the sun, spring up in the abundant crops and the manifold fruits, blow in the breeze, and murmur in the stream; restores him to the society of many loved ones, and affords him the opportunity of rising to wealth and distinction. And the words " no condemnation," in the case of the spiritual captive, removes the veil that hindered him from meeting the reconciled face of Him whose name is Love. The words not only liberate him, but liberate ten thousand ministers of God, celestial and terrestrial, who spring forth to wait upon him, and will never leave him till they have brought him, victorious, radiant, pure and blessed, to the company of Gabriel, and of Michael, and of all the saints in light.