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Acknowledge him as thy guide, thine only, thy necessary guide. Refuse to stir a step without him, as the blind man that stops the moment he misses his guide. Without him thou art in utter darkness, and thy next step may be into a pit. He has made thee thus dependent. It is not enough that the sun shines for thee, the earth upholds thee, and all God's works wait upon thee; all these finite ministers cannot guarantee thee one safe step. God has ordained it. He created thee to be guided by himself, and unless thou canst call into existence another God like him for thyself, thou hast, without him, no guarantee in any of thy paths. Therefore acknowledge him as thy guide.

In all thy ways. In thy worship. In thy study of his word. In thy intercourse with his people. In thy traffic with the world. In thy business and in thy recreation. At thy meals. In thy correspondence. In thy reading. In thy dress. What! in these petty matters? Yes! in all thy ways. Thinkest thou that God will have no word for thee on such topics? Be undeceived. Thou shalt find a revelation of the will of God for every one of thy paths. There is no need for thee ever to let go his hand. Not a single hair in thy head receives its aliment without him. Why then should a single step be taken without him? Think, and you shall see that the fate of millions may be involved in the least step that you may be called to take.

Bible Verses: Proverbs 3:6

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