Is Jesus precious to thy soul? Are you mourning over sin, or after the presence of your beloved Saviour? Are you strong in faith, giving glory to God? Are you panting for communion with your heavenly Father? Is the world beneath your feet? Are you glowing with love to all saints? Are you seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness? Are you lying at the feet of Jesus, in trouble, crying, "Lord, help me"?

If so, it is well with thee: there is spiritual life in thy soul, and the blessed Spirit is thy Teacher. But if the world is preferred to Jesus, the pleasures of time to fellowship with God, if self-examination is neglected, and the Bible is become dry and unsavory, it is not well. Health of soul is manifested by habitual prayer, zeal in the Lord's cause, an appetite for the bread of life, and activity in the Lord's ways.

Is thy soul sick? If so, apply at once to Jesus, as the great Physician; and plead with Him to restore unto thee the joys of His salvation, and to uphold thee with His free Spirit. He will heal thy backslidings, and love thee freely.

'Tis well; my soul is fill'd with joy, Though in myself a feeble worm: For Jesus will His power employ, And save my soul in every storm; He will His gracious word fulfil, And guard my soul from every ill.