WHO? They that fear the Lord and think upon His name. They who fear to offend Him because they love Him. Who desire above all things to obey Him, be conformed unto Him, and glorify Him. They who think upon His name, call Him Father, and believe Him to be gracious, merciful, long-suffering, abundant in goodness, and truth. Who approach Him as children; who walk before Him, desiring to do every thing as under His eye; who are jealous of His honour, and concerned for His glory. Who speak of His goodness, talk of His power, and adore the riches of His grace. THEY SHALL BE MINE, SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS. He will treat them as His children, prize them as His jewels, and acknowledge them before assembled angels. He will put a difference between them and others, and will manifest Himself unto them as He does not unto the world. Beloved, are we entitled to claim this precious promise? Do we fear God? Are we grieved at sin, because it dishonours Him? Do we think upon His name with love and reverence? If so, He will spare us, preserve us, and place us among His jewels for ever.

Hail, sacred day! that shall declare The jewels of the Son of God; Design'd to deck His crown they were Chosen of old, and bought with blood.