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Daily Devotional for November 28, 2023

Bartimeus and Zacchaeus

James Russell Miller

Luke 18:35 to Luke 19:10

It is said that when a certain French queen was journeying through her country, orders were given that no people in sadness or in trouble - blind, lame, or suffering - should be allowed anywhere along the way. The purpose was to keep from the sight of the gentlewoman everything that...

Bible Verses: Luke 18:35Luke 19:10

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Daily Devotional for November 27, 2023

The Parable of the Two Sons

James Russell Miller

Luke 15:11-32

The world would be very much poorer - if the fifteenth chapter of Luke's gospel had not been written. The whole chapter should be studied carefully. It is rich in spiritual instruction. It is all about seeking and finding lost things. Publicans and sinners flocked to Jesus, and He received them graciously and kindly. His enemies, however, found fault with Him for being so friendly to these...

Bible Verses: Luke 15:11-32

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Daily Devotional for November 26, 2023

False Excuses

James Russell Miller

Luke 14:15-24

"A certain man was preparing a great banquet and invited many guests." This supper is a picture of the blessings of redemption. The redemption of Christ is said to be great - he who prepares it, its blessings, and the numbers who enjoy it, its eternal duration, and the sweetness of its joys - all are great. At a feast men provide the best provisions they can obtain;...

Bible Verses: Luke 14:15-24Revelation 21:10-13

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Daily Devotional for November 25, 2023

Jesus Dines with a Pharisee

James Russell Miller

Luke 14:1-14

"One Sabbath, when Jesus went to eat in the house of a prominent Pharisee, He was being carefully watched." Our Savior did not refuse any invitation to a proper social function. His example is important for us. He wants His people to be IN the world, though not OF the world. He does not desire us to withdraw...

Bible Verses: Luke 14:1-14Matthew 20:28Mark 10:45

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Daily Devotional for November 24, 2023


James Russell Miller

Luke 12:35-48

Our Lord often taught the lesson of watchfulness. The duty is one which cannot too frequently be impressed. We are all apt to grow negligent concerning things which we do over and over, day after day, through many years. We need to have our thoughts often called to the duty of unceasing watchfulness in service, instant readiness for anything that may come.


Bible Verses: Luke 12:35-48Luke 22:27

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Daily Devotional for November 23, 2023

Jesus Teaching How to Pray

James Russell Miller

Luke 11:1-13

"One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When He finished, one of His disciples said to Him: Lord, teach us to pray ."

Our passage opens with an illustration of unconscious influence. The disciples saw their Master praying apart from them and yet within their sight, and were so impressed by something in His manner, perhaps His earnestness and fervor - that...

Bible Verses: Luke 11:1-13Luke 17:21Matthew 6:31-33

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Daily Devotional for November 22, 2023

The Good Samaritan

James Russell Miller

Luke 10:25-37

This is one of the great parables which only Luke has preserved for us. If Luke's gospel had not been written, we never would have had this beautiful story. This suggests one reason why we have four Gospels instead of one. No one of the four, tells us all about Christ or records all of His sayings. Each one gives facts and incidents and...

Bible Verses: Luke 10:25-37

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Daily Devotional for November 21, 2023

The Two Great Commandments

James Russell Miller

Mark 12:28-34 Mark 12:38-44

This scribe admired the way Jesus had answered the questions that were put to Him by His enemies. Jesus always answered well. He never got confused in His replies, as often human teachers do. He never erred in His answers to men's questions, for He knew all truth. We know only fragments of the great body of truth, and therefore frequently find ourselves...

Bible Verses: Mark 12:28-34Mark 12:38-44Psalms 16:51 John 4:20

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Daily Devotional for November 20, 2023

The Child in the Midst

James Russell Miller

Matthew 18:1-14

Jesus' interest in children appears throughout all the Gospels.

It was a strange question which the disciples brought to Jesus, "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" These men, although occupying so sacred a place in their Lord's family, were still very human, and had their natural human ambitions. They even seem not to have been free from the passion for official or political...

Bible Verses: Matthew 18:1-14

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Daily Devotional for November 19, 2023

The Transfiguration

James Russell Miller

Mark 9:2-13

The Transfiguration was one of the most remarkable events in our Lord's life. The object, so far as the disciples were concerned, probably was to restore their confidence in Christ's Messiahship, after the staggering blow to their faith which had come to them in the announcement by Himself, that He must suffer and be killed. So far as Jesus Himself was concerned, the object of the Transfiguration would seem to have been to...

Bible Verses: Mark 9:2-13

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Daily Devotional for November 18, 2023

Wanderings in Decapolis

James Russell Miller

Mark 7:31 to Mark 8:10

The activity of Jesus was intense. He was never in a hurry; for hurry is wasteful of time and strength. It spoils one's work. It hinders speed. The man who hurries - does not begin to accomplish what the man accomplishes who never hurries. Jesus never hurried. He moved quietly, calmly - as if he had days and days for...

Bible Verses: Mark 7:31Mark 8:10

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Daily Devotional for November 17, 2023

Mission to the Gentiles

James Russell Miller

Mark 7:24-30

Much of the public life of Jesus was devoted to caring for sufferers .

The doctor's little girl told the messenger where she thought her father could be found, as he was needed immediately, "I don't know, sir; but you'll find him somewhere, helping somebody." When people sought for Jesus and could not find Him, He was usually away with someone in need, doing good, helping somebody. At this...

Bible Verses: Mark 7:24-30Matthew 25:45

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Daily Devotional for November 16, 2023

Feeding of the Five Thousand

James Russell Miller

Mark 6:30-44

After the tragic death of John the Baptist, his disciples paid loving honor to his body. Their sorrow must have been very great, for they loved their master. We do not know whether or not John had those lovable qualities which drew men to him and made them his friends, or whether, by reason of his natural sternness and his ascetic severity he failed to be a friend of men, as Jesus was. It is not likely that he drew men to him...

Bible Verses: Mark 6:30-44

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Daily Devotional for November 15, 2023

The Death of John the Baptist

James Russell Miller

Mark 6:14-29

We have here at the very beginning a serious case of conscience. One would say that Herod was past having such fits of remorse, as his life was so wholly bad. But in even the worst men, conscience is not apt to be entirely dead. At least Herod's conscience was only asleep, and when He heard of Jesus gong about the country, working miracles, it seemed to him that it must be John the Baptist, whom...

Bible Verses: Mark 6:14-29

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