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Brandon's Testimony By Brandon My name is Brandon and I am 15 years old. When I was around age 1, I was baptized into the First United Methodist Church. Once I got a little older my parents started taking me to church and just dropping me off. I would go into the church and just sit there and not listen to the pastor. I really hated church cause I'd rather be at home sleeping. I believed that everyone just went to church because it was the 'thing to do'. Once I got a little older me and the youth group all had to go through a membership thing. We picked a mentor and had to read 1 chapter of the bible a week and tell our mentor about it. I really hated doing this cause I felt it was a waste of time, but I did it anyway. I kept hearing stuff about 'being saved' and i wondered what they were talking about being 'saved' from. I decided to ask my mentor if I was saved and he said that I was because I was baptized as an infant. After all that was over they sprinkled us and told us we were members of the church. My parents stopped making me go. Then one day I was watching tv and I saw a cool movie about witchcraft and decided it looked pretty cool. So I got on the internet and looked up stuff about witchcraft and found 'Wicca'. I read about people who used to be christians but decided they wanted more out of a religion, so they came to the Wiccan religion. They would tell stories of how when they were at school and they used spells to make themselves invisible and said that I could do the same. They would tell me spells to try and candles to buy and all this stuff. So I tried some of this stuff but it never really seemed to work. Since it never worked I got bored of it and just quit, I decided religion wasn't for me and it was all a waste of time. None of my friends new about me and wicca cause I never told anyone about it. So a few years went by without me caring anything about religion and all I did was watch tv and hang out with friends. I met some new friends and started listening to heavy metal and started dressing in black. This went on for a while and my parents would call me a 'freak' to all of their friends. Finally me and my friends got in some trouble with the police and my parents burned my clothes and said I couldn't hang out with my friends anymore. But I kept on hanging out with them anyway because they were basically the only friends I had. Kyle, one of these friends, was an 'agnostic' and would make fun of God. He believed God was a waste of time just like I did. I still believed I was a christian though. So anyway we were all on the internet one night and some of my other friends started witnessing to Kyle and they invited me into the conversation. I started helping my friends by agreeing with them. Anyway Kyle started to believe what we were saying. And my friends decided it was time to have him say a prayer and ask God into his life. So my friends typed out the prayer over the internet, and as they were typing it Kyle was saying the prayer and I was saying it. I meant every word of it with all my heart, as I was saying it I even started crying. And as soon as the prayer was over I was overwhelmed by this AWESOME feeling that I cant describe with words. All I know is that this awesome feeling stayed with me for about 5 hours and I couldn't stop smiling. I would sin all the time, I watched pornography and cursed all the time. I didn't care because I had forgotten all about God, I figured I would go to heaven anyway because I led a pretty good life. But right after I said that prayer EVERYTHING changed. I knew God was real and I felt stupid about what I used to do and I repented of my old ways. Now I am living my life for Jesus Christ! And I am MUCH happier. Jesus Christ has COMPLETELY changed my life and he can do the same for you if you'll let him!

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