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A Jewish Believer and Atonement

A Jewish Believer and Atonement By Dr. Louis Goldberg I still remember vividly the Day of Atonement from my tenth year. Though I was not yet bar mitzvah, I insisted that I, too, would fast and take part in the synagogue services, despite my parents' objections. After all, I wanted my sins forgiven! ... Read More

A Life of Atheism, Islam and finally Salvation thr

A Life of Atheism, Islam and finally Salvation thr By L. Washington A Life of Atheism, Islam and finally Salvation through God's Mercy From Atheism to a Spiritual ExperienceI was born to a family without religion. My mother at some point said she believed that there might be a God but she wasn't sur... Read More

A Pakistani Muslim comes Face to Face with Jesus Christ

A Pakistani Muslim comes Face to Face with Jesus Christ By Khalid Mansoor Soomro Khalid Mansoor Soomro is from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He was an ardent follower of Mohammed until the results of a challenge he laid out before some Christian students. Please read this powerful testimony of h... Read More

A Testimony from a Saudi Believer

A Testimony from a Saudi Believer By Annonymous "Born to a Saudi family, in Saudi Arabia, and living very close to Mecca, I grew up with strict principals and traditions of Islam and the Arab culture. As a teenager I went to the mosque five times a day in obedience to my parents. One night, while I ... Read More

A Vision of Heaven Changed My Life

A Vision of Heaven Changed My Life By Robert Sornsen On December 26, 1989, I was travelling along East Road in Lakeside, Michigan, when a snowplough pulled out into my lane. I was going between 45-50 miles per hour and when we collided my 1985 Ford LTD was totalled. I was rushed to the Memorial Hosp... Read More

Aaron's Testimony

Aaron's Testimony By Aaron Abramson In 1990, my family moved from the United States to Israel. I was fifteen and had no idea that the most difficult time in my life lay ahead. My parents, who are originally from Detroit, Michigan, are Jewish believers in Y'shua (Jesus). They came to believe during t... Read More

Abdul Saleeb's Testimony

Abdul Saleeb's Testimony By Abdul Saleeb My name is "Abdul Saleeb". I was born and raised in a Muslim country in the Middle East. Even though I lived in a very conservative Muslim society I grew up in a somewhat of a liberal Muslim family. Furthermore, my Muslim upbringing was unique due to my mothe... Read More

Adel's Testimony

Adel's Testimony By Adel Mohammed El Naggar As a former Muslim, I have often been asked the following questions: 'Why have you changed your religion from Islam to Christianity?' To which I often reply, While Islam is a religion Christianity is not. Christianity is a relationship of the highest order... Read More

Aishah's Testimony

Aishah's Testimony By Aishah I grew up as a Muslim in a Muslim country, and my religion was very important to me. After my first degree, I came to the U.S. to go to graduate school. Beginning graduate students took many of the same courses together their first year. I befriended an American graduate... Read More

Ali's Story

Ali's Story By Ali Khan I was born in eastern Kurdistan (Iran). My parents were nominal Muslims and I never really gave much thought to religion. At a very young age, I was sent to an Islamic school to learn the Qur'an but I dropped out after a few months and never went back. All of the washing and ... Read More

Ali's Testimony

Ali's Testimony By Ali You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32) I was born in Iran into a Muslim family. After my military service, I left Iran for India to pursue my college education. In 1983, while studying in a small city collage, I gradually became familiar with ... Read More

An Iranian's Search for the Truth

An Iranian's Search for the Truth By Nadereh My father was a Sunni Muslim and a Kurdish chieftain. My mother was a Shi'ah Muslim and was from the royal Qajar family. When I was four years old my father was executed by the government. At the age of seven I began asking questions about God and creatio... Read More

Baris' Testimony

Baris' Testimony By Baris I always longed for real friendships in my life. I tried hard to build true and meaningful relationships with my family and friends. Before I went to my mandatory military duty, I lived in a very religious neighborhood and I, myself, loved God and believed in Him too. My fr... Read More

Bassam's Testimony

Bassam's Testimony By Bassam I live in the Middle East. I was born as a Muslim, and at the age of 18 I became a member of one of the Islamic groups, as I had a relative who was one of the leaders of this group. I thought I was doing everything I could for God as I knew him at this point. After a sho... Read More

Boris' Testimony

Boris' Testimony By Boris Kornfeld No reporters have visited the prison camps of Soviet Russia, unless they have gone as prisoners. So to this day we have little information about the millions who have lived, suffered, and died there, especially during Stalin's reign of terror. Most will remain name... Read More

Brandon's Testimony

Brandon's Testimony By Brandon My name is Brandon and I am 15 years old. When I was around age 1, I was baptized into the First United Methodist Church. Once I got a little older my parents started taking me to church and just dropping me off. I would go into the church and just sit there and not li... Read More

Can A Muslim Know For Sure?

Can A Muslim Know For Sure? By Joseph Abraham Dear Muslim friend, Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Joseph Abraham. Having come to the truth after many years of searching, I believe God is leading me to share with others what He has done for me through His holy Word -- the Bible. Pleas... Read More

Carrie's Testimony

Carrie's Testimony By Carrie Hello, My name is Carrie, and I would like to share my testimony.First let me start off by telling you that I am only 13 1/2, I know what you are probably thinking "what kind of testimony can someone so young have?" Well, in this day in age a lot can happen to preteens a... Read More

Cathy's Testimony

Cathy's Testimony By Cathy I would like to share my testimony with you and pray that all mankind would listen to their hearts and know that God exists. On April 26, 1971 God gave me the most wonderful gift of a son to love and cherish. Jason Allen Hamilton. How I love to hear that name ! Jason was a... Read More

Chariah's Testimony

Chariah's Testimony By Chariah I was born as a son of a Muslim Malaysian. Our family has a long leading religious and political tradition in Malaysia. As leading personalities in a Muslim country Islamic religion was omnipresent and central in our lives. I was raised according to Muslim tradition, w... Read More

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