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Cathy's Testimony By Cathy I would like to share my testimony with you and pray that all mankind would listen to their hearts and know that God exists. On April 26, 1971 God gave me the most wonderful gift of a son to love and cherish. Jason Allen Hamilton. How I love to hear that name ! Jason was all a mother could ever ask for honest, dependable, hard working , handsome and he and I loved each other so much, life was so wonderful !. God additionally blessed me with a daughter October 31, 1973. I had a family and grew up with my children loved every day of my life. I have always loved and believed in God . My mother died when I was 7 years old and it was always evident to me I was never alone. Even though I was young I always new a higher power looked over me. On March 17, 2001 our phone rang at 4:30 p.m. and a nurse at the hospital asked me if I had a son named Jason . I replied, " yes, is everything all right" ? And she asked me to come to the hospital - there had been an accident and they thought it was my son and I should not come alone. As long as I live I will never forget those words and the knowing feeling I had was so strong even though I prayed to my God, "please let my son be okay" as I begged God to not let those feelings be true I knew the news I would receive. The reason I am sharing this is even though so many parents have already been through this horrible nightmare some more than once I never want a human being to ever suffer the loss of their precious children without Our Lord. He immediately took over my body, my mind, my soul - he literally held me up. I wanted to die to run and never come back, but there was no where I could go to make my heart whole again and until I go home I will know no peace except the love grace and mercy of my God. When I want to die from the pain in my heart and the horrible missing in my gut I talk with him. There is no one else who understands, loves and listens to me in this world. I begged for dreams to assure me God had taken Jason home and that he was safe and with God but that was a long time coming. I could not believe that I could not dream of my precious son - it was not normal. I share my most personal dream and I believe gift of God with you because I want you to know through Jesus Christ and his father Our Lord in heaven there is hope and I pray you will accept him into your heart and life so that you will never be alone. The dream finally came and I rejoiced as only God could send this dream. I am vacuuming a rug. It is my kitchen rug. The kitchen is Jason's favorite place as a farm boy works hard and loves meal time. I am vacuuming stairs that go on and on my arms are tired I think I have never seen so many stairs when will they end? They are very visual and I vacuum on and on. I finally see a tiny door and continue vacuuming until I reach it. I open the door and sitting on a chair is Jason! I asked him, "where have you been, I have searched for you everywhere I love you and miss you so much!" He was full of light ( No other way to explain the vision of him) He simply smiled and said I knew you were coming mother! So simple yet so self explanatory, God had shared my son and given me his promise "In my fathers house are many mansions, I go to prepare a place for you so that where I am you shall be also. Please teach your children how to get to heaven - tell them that God lives within them not in the church and he is always with them and will never forsake them. It is hard for me to write my heart but tonight I wish to witness to you all there is only hope in our Lord our God please let him into your hearts and lives before the rapture. God Bless and keep the children! Cathy

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