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Frank Bartleman

      Frank Bartleman was was converted and became a preacher in 1892. In the year 1905 he became a prolific writer.

      Bartleman wrote many daily articles for the Pentecostal magazines and documented the events that lead up to the revival and this helped him have many accomplishments during his lifetime. Bartleman wrote the famous book Azusa Street which was a major movement in the Pentecostal revival. He authored six books, four pamphlets, over five hundred and fifty published articles, and one hundred tracts. Bartleman is also best remembered for his chronicles of the 1906 Los Angeles revival, writing about all the events that happened before and after the revival. Azusa Street Mission by David Cloud.

      As an Author, Evangelist, and Missionary, he was very influential in the early Pentecostal revival. After the Los Angeles revival, and his missionary work (ending with the start of World War One) he returned to evangelistic and street work until his death in 1936.

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Frank Bartleman

Biography of Frank Bartleman

It is generally accepted that Charles Fox Parham was the 'father' of the early Pentecostal movement and that William J. Seymour was the 'catalyst' of Pentecost, transforming a small and derelict stable in down-town Los Angeles into a center for world revival. But what is not sufficiently recognized ... Read More
Frank Bartleman

How Pentecost Came To Los Angeles

It was a spontaneous manifestation and rapture no earthly tongue can describe. In the beginning this manifestation was wonderfully pure and powerful. We feared to try to reproduce it, as with the "tongues" also. Now many seemingly have no hesitation in imitating all the "gifts." No one could underst... Read More

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