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Walter Brubacker

Enduring to the end

Are there any prayer requests?...Could we stand for prayer? Father, we thank you for this day and for an opportunity to meet together and worship together. Pray for Jason Stoll that he would believe the bible at face value, and for Duane's children that are sick and others that are sick, that they w... Read More
Walter Brubacker

My Words (Jesus)

I greet you in the name of Jesus. That's so true! Are we ready? Are we waiting? Are we preparing? I think that is our work on earth, to get ready for that day; either the day we die, and not just for that day, we walk it daily or we will miss that day. And the encouragement about not going to sleep,... Read More
Walter Brubacker

Remembering your first love

I greet you in the name of Jesus. We've been reminded pretty sharply about a lot of things, different scriptures and passages. I've been edified by it, and some of the songs. We song #30, how the christian is searching to be a pilgrim, to walk that way of life, the way of truth, and to be a pilgrim.... Read More
Walter Brubacker

Rules Have No Spiritual Safety

Amen! Is that not the only thing we can sometimes cling to - Jesus? And when we don't really understand what all is going on, don't have all the answers, we can always just hang on to Jesus. I thought there were a lot of good questions; challenging questions, questions of eternal value and warnings ... Read More

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