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William Thoseby

Thoseby, William "Foot-prints on the Sands of Time"

Foot-prints on the Sands of Time; Or, Words of Hope and Comfort for Hours of Sorrow By William Thoseby, 1869 INTRODUCTION. Circumstances over which no one had any control suggested the plan of this little volume — and in submitting it to the Christian public the author makes no pretense to profound ... Read More
William Thoseby

Heavenly Dew Drops!

Heavenly Dew Drops! By William Thoseby, 1865 "His heavens shall drop down dew." Deuteronomy 33:28 "I will be as the dew unto Israel." Hosea 14:5 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this little volume is to recommend virtue . To show that religion is a lovely flower wherever it is seen. And the Editor of the... Read More

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