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John Gifford Bellett

The Church at Thessalonica

We easily perceive different measures of attainment, both in knowledge and grace, in the churches of old. The elevation, for instance, of that at Ephesus was much above that at Corinth. At Corinth the apostle had to occupy himself with the corruption of various errors and abuses, and was thus hinder... Read More
John Nelson Darby

Joshua 1 - 13

John Nelson DarbyJoshua 1. The first thought is to cross the Jordan. Verses 3, 4. The principles come in afterwards, namely, all the extent of the promises of God; but realization by the fact that one takes possession of them. There is a connection between the moral state of man down here, and the glory of man above... Read More
Jon Courson

Rahab: Holy or Hypocrite - Hebrews 11:31

Jon CoursonOne of the most well-known chapters in the entire Bible, Hebrews 11 is known as God’s Hall of Faith. I find this Hall of Faith amazing — as much for who’s not in it as who is. I mean, think who’s missing: Elijah and Elisha, Jehoshaphat and Jeremiah. I would have thought they would have been shoo-ins... Read More
Edgar Parkyns

Espoused to Christ

Edgar Parkyns2 Corinthians, Chapter 11, verse 2: For I am jealous over you with a godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband, - writes Paul - that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. (King James Version) That is strong language! Paul expected the church to be a holy company separated in a... Read More
John Piper

Exodus for All the Earth

John PiperNovember 8, 1981 "God created man in his own image; in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. And God blessed them and God said to them, 'Be fruitful, and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it" (Gen. 1:27,28). The reason God made us in his own image and told us to fill... Read More
Principles For The Gathering Of Believers

76 - Chronological Bible Reading of Scriptures

Principles For The Gathering Of BelieversThere is a great need in the body of Christ for consistent reading of the Holy Scriptures in their entirety, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. In this case we are encouraging a chronological reading of the Scriptures. Most of the confusion is created when certain teachers, groups, or... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Perform, Practice (4160) (poieo)

Do, done, did, doing; Make, made, makes, making; Perform, Practice (4160) (poieo) occurs 568 times, primarily in the Gospels and in a wide variety of contexts, which makes it difficult to do a simple word study. BDAG says poieo is "a multivalent term (possessing many meanings), often without pointed... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Pilfer (3557) nosphizo

Pilfering (3557) (nosphizo from nósphi = apart, separated) conveys the idea is stealing in small quantities or practicing petty theft. KJV translates it as purloin (from Middle English, to put away, misappropriate) which means to appropriate wrongfully and often by a breach of trust. Whereas pilfer ... Read More
J. Vernon McGee

How Russia Will Be Destroyed

J. Vernon McGee(or When Russia Comes Down Against Israel) Why would Russia, as we see it today, have any interest in invading Israel? I think you'll find satisfying answers to that question in the classic passage of Ezekiel's tremendous prophecy, chapters 38 and 39. It is without doubt one of the great prophecies ... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Welcome (Receive) (5264) hupodechomai

Received (5264) (hupodechomai from hupo = + dechomai = receive, welcome) means to welcome, receive, entertain as a guest. The idea is to receive one hospitably. Here are the 4 NT uses of hupodechomai... Luke 10:38 Now as they were traveling along, He entered a certain village; and a woman named Mart... Read More

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