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A.W. Pink


A.W. PinkNoah is the connecting link between "the world that then was," which "being overflowed with water, perished," and the earth which now is "reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men" (2 Pet. 3:6, 7). He lived upon both, was preserved from the awful judgment which swal... Read More
Discernment Reasearch Articles

Is What You See What You Get? by Al Dager

Anticipation hangs heavy over the stadium as some 27,000 men make their way to seats becoming increasingly sparse. The mood is festive as large beach balls are punched with vigor, sending them on a never-ending course throughout the crowd. A Styrofoam glider wafts its way from the upper regions, acc... Read More
John Bjorlie

Littleproud , J. Bio

Roy Littleproud was born in Forest, Ontario, on February 21, 1889. His parents were both Christians, meeting with those gathered to the Name of the Lord Jesus in that place. Under these circumstances he grew to young manhood, knowing the atmosphere of a home where Christ was recognized as Lord. In l... Read More
Thomas Bradbury

Comfort Ye

"Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith your God." (Isaiah 40:1) God's message by the prophet Isaiah to His spiritual Israel abounds with gracious consolation and heavenly encouragement. This is seen continuously from the first word of our text to the last word of the prophecy, which we shall have ... Read More
Principles For The Gathering Of Believers

76 - Chronological Bible Reading of Scriptures

Principles For The Gathering Of BelieversThere is a great need in the body of Christ for consistent reading of the Holy Scriptures in their entirety, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. In this case we are encouraging a chronological reading of the Scriptures. Most of the confusion is created when certain teachers, groups, or... Read More
Richard Owen Roberts

Twelve Articles of Explicit Agreement

By the mercy of God I have been a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ since my early youth. Over the years of my earthly pilgrimage I have known what it is like to climb great spiritual mountains and how it feels to fall into chasms of blackness. I have had long seasons of great Christian joy and inte... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Assembling together (1997) episunagoge

Assembling together (1997) (episunagoge from epi = upon, unto + sunago = to cause to come together) describes a gathering together at some location. In both the NT uses, this word is used in an eschatological (study of last things, future events, prophetic) setting (but see notes below about how som... Read More
Greek Word Studies

Provoke (3947) paroxuno

Provoked (3947) (paroxuno from pará = at point of, implying movement toward a certain point + oxúno = sharpen, incite, irritate) means to sharpen (this literal meaning is found in Lxx of Dt 32:41). This Greek verb gives us our English word paroxysm which is defined as a fit, attack, or sudden increa... Read More
J.R. Miller

Getting Help from People

J.R. MillerWe receive help in our Christian lives, through many channels. But more, perhaps, than we are aware of, does God use other human hearts and lives as his agents in blessing and helping us. Every true Christian is sent among men to be an interpreter of Christ. No one can see Christ in his invisible gl... Read More
J.R. Miller

People as Means of Grace

J.R. Miller"As iron sharpens iron—so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17 There are pairs of pictures which show some Indian children: first—as they appeared when they came fresh from their barbarism, with the dress and all other marks of their savage state; then—as they appeared after a time in the schoo... Read More

Group of Brands