The Lord cherishes hard work and diligence, yet he also values rest.

When God created the world, He designed it to run on a certain cycle. He set times for work and rest, seasons for planting and harvesting, and nights for sleep. God desires for us to rest in Him as we follow His plan for our lives.

As proof of this, we can read about God’s commandment to rest on the seventh day of creation. God Himself rested after creating everything and deemed it all good. Sabbath is still an important principle today as we are to rest in the Lord both physically and spiritually. We can find peace and refreshment when we take time to lay back and contemplate.

When we rest, we are acknowledging that the Lord is in control. We are giving Him our worries and concerns. We are putting our trust in Him. We also allow ourselves time to refuel physically and emotionally. We can come back to work refreshed and with a new perspective.

Taking a day of rest each week is something we still need today. We must get a pause from work and the stresses of life. It’s also a way for us to care for our bodies and minds. Most importantly, it can connect us with God in solitude. We need to rest in His arms and let Him care for us.

If you still need more convincing, here are 5 bible verses that encourage you to take a break:

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash