Welcome to " Rodney Jones - Sunday School " YouTube Channel. a. We Teach Three Leading Sunday school lessons weekly i. The International lesson (including Standard lesson) ii. The COGIC Legacy Edition iii. The Union Gospel Press Edition b. We go over these lessons, verse by verse, keywords and key phrases c. We provide notes in many cases for each lesson, weekly d. We have live Sunday school sessions weekly i. COGIC Legacy Edition, Sundays @8:00 a.m. ii. International lessons, Sundays @ 9:00 a.m. e. During our live sessions i. We bring the lesson to life ii. We give life’s solutions through the lesson iii. We engage our audience iv. We open the floor for Questions and Answers v. We incorporate guest teachers while live For more, visit the website: https://rodneyjonessundayschool.sellfy.store/ Keep Supporting by Subscribing to the channel, Thanks!