Dr. Steve Kuban (D.Div) is a musician, singer, songwriter, teacher, worship leader and concert artist who creates music to help people experience God's presence and healing in their lives. This channel features 410 videos of Dr. Kuban's music and concerts arranged into 50 playlists that include his: 1.favorite songs from several Gold and Platinum albums 2.personal times of worship 3.concerts and performances in 20 countries (some with audiences up to one million people) 4.creation of spontaneous and prophetic songs and Scripture songs 5.dozens of compositions of various types, many with instrumental and jazz improvisations 6.testimony of becoming a Christian from atheism while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston 7.jazz, music, teaching, and speaking videos 8.childhood and early music recordings 9.personal prophecies 10.and much more! A musician from age 3, Steve has been making music and performing for over 50 years, recording 20 albums and won 4 gold and platinum awards.