Good vibes. My vloggs are intended to people who love to read different types of books. I select "The Bible" because..It's all about my faith to God. Keep on asking questions:Who is the True God? What is the real name of God?(Jeremiah 16:21; 33:2-3 ito na po ba tama sagot?) Reply pls. Be with me guys... Halina na kayo; Sabay sabay tayo gumawa NG ating mga prayer request. At Hilingin na rin natin sa ating mga prayers; na gumaling na ang lahat NG may sakit lalo itong covid 19. At Nawa dinggin tayo ni Father God, ????. Let's read & study the Bible before we go to sleep at night; & also in the early morning before we went to work. I want to explore in the field of vlogging too; by uploading my videos. At the same time reading/learning/reacting/sharing & exploring the contents of the book; my reactions & queries, are Depends to the topic, in line to the books we read. (Date started: 04 October 2020 "The Bible - New International Version.")