Hello, welcome to the Spokane Bible Church YouTube channel. I'm pastor-teacher Jeremy Thomas. My family and I moved to Spokane, WA, in 2019 because we were convinced that the LORD has big plans for Spokane! We want to be instrumental in those plans. We are also convinced that there are still people out there searching for content Bible teaching and not just another social outlet. We believe that the strongest relationships are those built around the word of God where we can "speak the truth in love." We're excited to be here and hope you will get plugged in so you too can be instrumental in the big things God is doing in Spokane. He's done a lot during the Covid fiasco. We've been meeting face-to-face since April 2020, without masks and social distancing. If you're nearby, we'd love to meet you. If you're a long way away, we'd love you to subscribe to our channel and leave comments so we can interact with you.