Bible messages by Pastor Rick Brown to discover how our ultimate leader, Jesus, can give us the wisdom we need for life when we seek him first. Each message is prayerfully delivered with words of encouragement to move you forward, Biblical leadership to awaken you, and God-inspired Scriptures to engage your heart for all that God has for you. "God, please forgive me for all the wicked stuff I've been doing." So began the spiritual journey of a desperate bull rider from Filer, Idaho. When Rick surrendered his life of drugs, and violence at the age of 19, he realized his need for a Savior after trying and failing to fill the deep void in his life. One afternoon, alone and half-drunk, he asked for God’s forgiveness. That simple prayer marked the beginning of a radical change in Rick’s life. Since that time, Rick has relentlessly pursued a life that reflects the God who has loved him, saved him, and has given him purpose when, by all accounts, the world would have thrown him away.