Billions of people in this world need real peace, real healing, lies broken off of them, knowing who they truly are IN CHRIST, and the power of God's Word alive in their hearts and lives. So we make powerful Healing Scripture videos for you to be able to soak in God's Word spoken and prayed over you, so that you can be healed, encouraged, inspired, reminded, lifted up, and prayed for. SUPER SHAREABLE videos of Healing Scriptures with Soaking Music, I AM AFFIRMATIONS FROM THE BIBLE, Bible Verses For Sleep, God's Promises, 10 Minutes In The Word, etc. Spread the WORD with somebody today! SUBSCRIBE To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here Come pray with us in the comments! It is our prayer that God would use these videos in your life, home, & all over the world to bring heavenly health & healing, peace, rest, & restoration as you soak in His Word & presence, in Jesus' name!